Here's a list of twenty movies that hang out at the junction of Gothic & Noir. They aren't movies that necessarily fit any definition of "gothic" or "noir", they've just sucked up a lot of that ambience. These two genres have some things in common, a similar look, for example. Darkness helps define both categories. Gothic tends to be cosmic, and noir tends to be local, but both dramatize the situation of individuals in an environment that is boundless and incomprehensible.

It's hard to say why all this darkness should be so appealing. Not many people would actually want to live in the world these movies depict. Maybe the characters are scapegoats; they take our fears and play them out over there... somewhere where the ricochet can't find us. As an added bonus you get what the ancient Greeks called catharsis, which was the whole point of tragedy: the purifying or relieving of the emotions through art, according to my ancient Webster's.