Elsa's minutes. May 21
Sid calls to say he has the flu. Sandy and Ragnar assess the material that's about to go online.

The ten songs make up a sort of album that will now be called Caw! The ones that are already on the Hemaphone site will be replaced by versions that have been tinkered with since the last upload. There may or may not be more songs (unwritten at this time) in the set. All the photos and drawings on the new upload are Sandy's.

Ragnar talks a little about the social scene that's been at the heart of these songs and many others he's written over the years. It's a level above skid row and below the middle class. An increasing number of Americans are becoming familiar with it, so this material, which wasn't intended to have any theme (other than a certain amount of coherence), may wind up having one. At one point Sandy refers to Caw! as America Implodes.
Best of luck to you.