Elsa's minutes. March 3. 7:15p
Things are moving a bit, I think. Eight songs have been written. Four are on the web.
Sandy and Ragnar continue a conversation that started before I came in. They are trying to sort out some difficulties they're having with hiss on some of the guitar tracks. This leads to a complicated discussion about precision. Given that perfection is out of the question, how much attention (time) should be devoted to getting as close as our limitations allow. Ragnar says something about perfection being the province of gods and session players and that our function here is to just get on with it. Sandy nods, but I suspect does not find Ragnar's view - that musicianship is a sometimes necessary evil best avoided when possible - to be entirely reassuring. Ah, I was right. Sandy says that perfection is not the point, fixing obvious problems is.
This could go on all night. I ask about new songs. It's decided that the next track will be a number called "Reckless."
Enter Sid.
Meeting is adjourned.