Elsa's minutes. Nov 30.
Elsa Bloggs reporting.
Meeting commences at 6:35p; Sandy, Ragnar, and Elsa in attendance. Sid shows up almost immediately - sits quietly on the couch. How does he know when to put in an appearance? I think Sandy is tipping him off. Why?
Sandy has sketched a dog for the logo based on a piece by Henry Fuseli. No snakes. Sid looks hurt but holds his tongue.
Web space has been rented, and the name "Hemaphone" has been registered. We are now a business of sorts: Hemaphone Productions. The discussion turns to how one runs a business. In a matter of minutes, Ragnar is talking about I Walked with a Zombie. We're doomed. Somehow he segues into the five numbers he and Sandy are working up for Rat Songs. I feel the color return to my cheeks. Sid's still one topic behind and wants to talk about Anthony Mann, a movie director. I say, "Later!" and it works. It's harder to cut Ragnar or Sandy off like that. They're going to make the recordings. But Sid just eats the chips or whatever we've got lying around.
"Moonlight," in fact, is ready to go. Another number - "Favor" - might be next. There's no instrumentation, which will speed things up considerably.
Sandy asks Sid a question about Web design. Surprisingly, he provides something useful. I refill the chips. Meeting adjourns.