Elsa's minutes. Nov 4.
Elsa Bloggs reporting.
Meeting opens at 7:00 p.m. Ragnar and Sandy determine that they will establish a production company tentatively called Hemaphone Productions. The move is prompted by Sandy's learning how to handle Garage Band, a program that makes it possible to use the computer like a recording studio. Ragnar, who had, until recently, not played in years, is writing new material, first off a song called "Moonlight."
Discussion on the possibilities of "niche marketing," and how the Web had shot juice into this concept. Sid Columbus wanders in at about that time (uninvited) and proceeds to expound on "Nietzchean marketing." Takes about fifteen minutes to get him off the subject. Meeting continues.
Target is twelve recorded songs, possibly to be collected under the title, Rat Songs.
Talk turns to a logo. Sid's enthusiasm is limitless on this point. He'd been to a reptile display recently and thought snakes would be a good way to go. I point out that the symbolism there might be a little more phallic than what we're after. And that Sid's evening might be better spent somewhere else, and that I'd be more than happy to tell him - say tomorrow or the next day - how things turn out.
Sandy suggests a sine wave (phone) with a drop of blood (hema). Sid concedes this might work better than snakes. Ragnar has just bought a set of movies by RKO producer Val Lewton, and is anxious (desperate, even) to watch I Walked with a Zombie. Meeting is adjourned.